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Friendly Fire Kills Linda Norgrove?

Here it comes. The Mail Online (U.K.) is saying that "friendly fire" from Navy SEALs killed a British woman, Linda Norgrove, as they tried to save her life and rescuse her from Muslim Taliban thugs. Nato and the U.S. are launching an investigation. Of course they are.

Linda Norgrove, 36, was snatched by the Taliban along with three Afghan colleagues on September 26, 2010. She was traveling in a two-vehicle convoy. She wore a burka. It didn't save her. She was moved from mud hut to mud hut - over and over.
A senior security source said: 'It was clear from very early on that the level of threat was very high that she would be moved from the very bad people who were holding her to even worse people across the border in Pakistan.
The last thing we wanted was for her to be passed into the hands of Al Qaeda.
One-hundred and fifty "heavily armed U.S. troops, supported by Afghan soldiers, launched the raid in the early morning hours of Saturday - before the dawn call to prayer. The troops wore-night vision goggles. Predator drones and Apache attack helicopters were standing by.

Americans fight the Taliban small arms fire for half an hour, and then make it through to where Linda Norgrove lay, guarded by about 8 Taliban. They find her alive but "fatally wounded." Urgent medical aid tried desperately to save her life.

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know that I am exasperated and saddened at the number of Westerners who travel to these dangerous areas to work in Islamic countries where they are hated. I understand that Afghanistan women, especially, need all the help they can get, but when a lovely young woman like Norgrove is in their midst, they are sure to have a target on their back the minute they step foot in the country. Every American is a target.

There must be a realization that if you get in trouble, you put the lives of others at risk, and in Afghanistan, it makes fighting a war so much worse. Linda Norgrove was working toward an MBA at the University of Warwick. She worked for the UN in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2008 and returned there in February of this year. The UN cannot protect anyone. The UN does not protect anyone. Please. Find other, safer places to spread charity, and to do doctoral work. Stay home where you will not need our Military.

General David Petraeus notified Prime Minister David Cameron today that Linda Norgrove may have died of a grenade thrown by the SEALs. This according to Cameron:

Miss Norgrove’s life was in 'grave danger' from the moment she was seized and there were fears that she might be passed up the terrorist chain to bases in Pakistan and put at greater peril if she was not rescued. 
'I am clear that the best chance of saving Linda’s life was to go ahead, recognising that any operation was fraught with risk for all those involved and success was by no means guaranteed,' Mr Cameron said.
Here is the story from the U.K.:
A British aid worker may have died when U.S. special forces lobbed a grenade in a frantic bid to save her from the Taliban.
Linda Norgrove, 36, was fatally wounded when  U.S. troops stormed the compound where she was being held hostage.
It was initially thought she died when her captors blew-up a suicide vest.
But today Prime Minister David Cameron said a review of the Navy SEALs' rescue operation had uncovered a new 'deeply distressing development' suggesting a grenade detonated by taskforce members may have been to blame.
If you must have an investigation, make it quick and let these heroes move on. God bless Linda Norgrove and God bless our Military.

Prime Minister David Cameron on Death of Linda Norgrove (video)
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