Sunday, October 24, 2010

John Dennis Nancy Pelosi Video: A Few Good Debts starring House Witc

John Dennis is challenging Nancy Pelosi for her House seat. No one seems to think he has a chance, yet SF Weekly says "he'getting there." The video below is a FilmLadd production, and a take-off of A Few Good Men, which Pelosi has none of so, A Few Good Debts titled the video perfectly.

John Dennis

Before the video, look at this:
An internal poll conducted over the summertime revealed that roughly 35 percent of local Democrats and Independents were fed up with Pelosi's leadership. That led SF Weekly to do some math. 
Pelsoi was re-elected last year with 220,000 votes, or 71 percent of the vote (next runner-up Cindy Sheehan received 46,000 votes, or 16 percent). If 35 percent of Democrats who supported Pelosi did abandon her and vote for Dennis, that'd be another 75,000 votes. So if they all voted for Dennis, that'd be 121,000 votes to Pelosi's 150,000. 
Keep in mind that former Board of Supervisors president Matt Gonzalez endorsed John Dennis, as did Sheehan. That's getting there... but even all this is a stretch...
Dennis is not the kind of candidate conservatives describe as "conservative," but he is a businessman, and an entrepreneur - hopefully favorable to business and 'real' jobs. We need as many jobs-maker as we can get in the House. We can worry about the rest later.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Perhaps this race is a precursor to November 2012. Dennis has done a great job and who knows? I expect that Pelosi owns the press, and if Dennis was hotter than a pistol, I doubt we'd know about it.

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A Few Good Debts starring Nancy Pelosi by FilmLadd

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