Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sky West Flight 4653 with Incendiary Device on Ground in Salt Lake City

A Sky West Flight departing from Helena, Montana has landed in Salt Lake City, away from the terminal, with reports of an incendiary device aboard. Forty-six people are aboard. Fox is showing the plane on the tarmac with emergency workers. Passengers have deplaned. The Sky West Flight 4653 is a connector flight working under Delta. Salt Lake City was the original destination. Updates and more details as available.

Update 10:50 CDT: 
Still looking for an incendiary device on the plane. All baggage is off and being search. New bomb search team brought in. Source Fox News report.

According to a Salt Lake Airport official, Barbara Gann, a threatening call was made saying there was an incendiary device aboard, and according to Gann, that means a bomb.

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