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Tony Blair's SisInLaw Becomes Muslim: Lauren Booth Converts to Islam: What's Wrong with Craig Darby?

Tony Blair's sister-in-law, Lauren Booth, converted to Islam after visiting the Fatima a-Masumeh shrine in Iran, where she experienced a "shot of spiritual morphine." Booth is a "journalist and broadcaster. Her husband Craig Darby has complained of the difficulties of being a kept man. Odd for the husband of a Muslim. I wonder how that's working out?

Lauren Booth and Craig Darby

Booth works for Press TV, the English language Iranian news channel. She is currently on page 60 of the Koran. Hilarious. How many imprisoned woman dying in Iranian prisons will she write about? She is, of course, a sympathizer and advocate for Palestine. She is hoping to change Tony Blair's mind about Islam. Did I mention she's up to page 60 in the Koran?

Booth may have had several shots of something. In May 2009 she "divorced" her husband on Facebook after a fight. She changed her marital status to "single" and FB sent a message out to her followers. Her husband learned of her action sometime later. She apologized to him, but the next day he had a motorcycle accident and was in a coma for two weeks.

Get this, her husband actually allowed the UK's MailOnline to publish this embarrassing interview about their marriage?
As she drums her fingers on the desk, I have only to close my eyes and I'm aged 11, hopping up and down on one foot, pleading with Mum for cash to buy a Beano comic and a packet of gobstoppers.
But Lauren isn't my mum: she's my wife. We're supposed to be equals. I'm 39 years old and, by rights, should be at the peak of my career, adored by my kids, admired and pampered by my grateful missus. Instead, I'm a househusband with not a penny to my name.
That's why I'm here, cap in hand, asking for £10 pocket money to buy a round of drinks. No wonder I feel humiliated.
Like any woman, Lauren is utterly unpredictable. She might be the main breadwinner but, safe to say, she has definitely not lost this particular feminine streak. Some days her pink purse (yes, really) snaps open and she hands over a wodge of cash with no questions asked and only a dismissive wave of her hand.
Other times, one eyebrow will shoot up quizzically and I know I'm in for the third degree: 'How much money exactly? What's it for? Don't I know she's not made of money?'

Darby says he is a beer-swilling ex-paratrooper, just bursting with testosterone. She wears a hijab when she leaves home to pray at her local mosque and he stays behind and does the laundry. Sometimes he fails to sort the colored from the whites, or Lauren's silk undies from their daughters pajamas. Do you believe the beer-swilling ex-paratrooper story? I don't. This pitiful person says he feels like a Geisha Guy.

There's not a Muslim man on the face of the earth that would live the life of Craig Darby.

So how is Lauren's local imam gonna look at this? Of course, she can't pray with Muslim men. The imam may not pay much attention to her. Afterall, she's not a man, but...judging from all the above, she will find a way to catch her imam's eye - or die trying...literally.

The video is Booth speaking to a group of Muslims. She says she always loved the "religion." She thanks Allah for the peace she feels. Her husband is nowhere around. Her daughter delivers a message for the crowd. The UK's Muslim demographics are soaring.

Lauren Booth on Converting to Islam

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