Friday, February 16, 2007

Border Patrol Trial:
Transcript Shows Judge Withheld Information

WorldNetDaily, in an article by Jerome R. Corsi, is breaking this headline:

Invasion USA: Smuggler's 2nd delivery of marijuana confirmed.
Border agents' trial transcript shows judge ordered information withheld
"Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., told WND that the trial transcript now makes clear that "the prime witness against these two Border Patrol agents was involved in another major load of drugs and the prosecution made a conscious decision to keep these facts from the jury."
And a few paragraphs down:
"Rohrabacher was harshly critical of both Sutton and President Bush.
"In the Ramos-Compean case we have lie after lie after lie coming out of Sutton's office. And now we've got a public relations campaign to protect Sutton because he is a protégé of the president and the president doesn't want to see his career destroyed," the congressman told WND".
Read Corsi's entire article at WorldNetDaily.
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