Friday, February 16, 2007

A Soldier on "Civil Strife" in Iraq

Yesterday (Feb. 15th) on The Rush Limbaugh Show, where you and I can find "excellence in broadcasting," every single day, Rush read an email from a soldier in Iraq. Here is just a snipped from that e-mail, and what this Airman had to say about civil war in Iraq:

"From what we can tell...there’s no “civil war” or “civil strife” as the news media puts it. The terrorists are coming from outside the country and killing civilians – as many as possible – to gain a foothold in Iraq. And they play this stuff on TV to make us sick. It’s working. We are getting sick, but Iraq is getting strong. If there really is civil strife in the country...then WHY don’t WE hear statements in the news about Shia leaders taking responsibility for Sunni killings, and vice-versa? WHY? This is why: Because they aren’t doing that Rush! THAT’S WHY we NEVER hear news reports from the so-called “civil strife” combatants themselves. Because there aren’t any. The IRAQIS are trying to build-up their country and make it work. MEANWHILE the enemy comes and kills everyone they can, and they run away from the scene (or die in the blast themselves)".
The e-mail is still up on Rush's homepage at E-Mail from Tazz, Airman in Iraq: Why Iraq success is ignored. Keep in mind, what I have quoted here is a just a snippet from Airman Tazz's comments to Rush. Visit Rush and read it all. Technorati Tags:

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