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Open Trackback Weekend & Linkfest Haven

Welcome to Open Trackback Weekend and Linkfest Haven. I’ll will manually add your trackbacks, with excerpts if available, to this page as they come in. Be patient: some trackbacks mysteriously travel the entire blogosphere before they arrive.

Not familiar with trackbacks? Here's how to do it:

1) Choose the article you want to promote. Copy my permalink URL and my trackback URL (you'll find mine just below these instructions). Add my blog name: Maggie's Notebook linked with my permalink, into the body of your post (just after your completed article). Show it like this: Trackposted to:
Maggie's Notebook, which gives me a live link within your article. Then send a trackback to me (you'll need my trackback URL), which will let me know that you are joining in the fun. I will then add your live link to my article.

2) If you use blogging software that doesn’t have “trackback” ability built in, you can use Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger or Kalsey’s Simpletracks.

3) If you don't have trackbacks yet, just leave a comment and say that you do not have trackbacks, with an excerpt from your post and your permalink, and I will add that too!

4) If you would like to join the Open Trackback Alliance visit The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns for more information. Linkfest Haven Deluxe hosts link fests daily. You can host your own Linkfest or just participate in the "fests" of other. Go to Linkfest Haven Deluxe for more information.

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Tracked back by: A Progressive Paradox from Random Dreamer. Excerpt: As I have been surfing the web I happened to run across two stories back to back. The first has to do with the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. It seems that Spain’s Labour and Social Affairs Minister has outlawed their latest ads. These a...

Tracked back by: Fewer Rapes in Muslim Countries from Planck's Constant. Excerpt: The official Iranian news agency in 2000 reported that new statistics suggest that in every six days a woman in Tehran is raped and murdered. I guess that's the only way it gets reported is if the poor girl is murdered after being raped.

Tracked back by: Inconvenient Truth from Mark My Words. Excerpt:As in, the members of the academy apparently care little for what the word documentary means anymore and only cares about stroking the Hollywood libtard political fetish of the moment.

Tracked back by: The Right Nation with Italian Bloggers for Giuliani 2008 [weekend open trackback]. Excerpt:"La grandezza degli Stati Uniti è che le sfide più importanti portano inevitabilmente alla ribalta leader con la forza necessaria per affrontare il momento e la capacità di farci alzare in piedi insieme a loro. Leader la cui attitudine al comando si ...

Tracked back by: Amboy Times with Weekend Open Trackback. Excerpt: Your basic weekend long open trackback post.I took a picture of this mural in 29 Palms, CA. (click to enlarge) Trackposted to Perri Nelson's Website, third world county, The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, basil's blog, Pirate's Cove, Blue Star

Tracked back by: Dumb Ox Overhaul: Better Than Trackbacks?
Excerpt: Consider the Dumb Ox BLOGGREGATOR ... it's BETTER than Trackbacks!

Tracked back by: A Blog for All with A Real Bad Idea
Excerpt: It is interesting to see that the Europeans would like to think that they're on the leading edge of privacy rights, and free speech, yet the Europeans have repeatedly shown that they do not have the same rights that Americans take for granted.

Tracked back by: The Amboy Times with Chrisian Science Dhimmi Excerpt: Kenneth Ballen, the founder and President of Terror Free Tomorrow, has written a puff piece for Islamic radicalism. Predictably, he makes his case with polls conducted by an American University and never bothers to mention jihad. But surprisingly, Ball...

Tracked back by: The Florida Masochist with From the Silly news desk Excerpt: Some news from Kentucky. Maybe Ms. Greenfield can teach lessons in proper text messaging now.

Tracked back by: Adam's Blog with Truth and Hope Report: Weekend Update for February. Excerpt: We talk 2008 Presidential politics, urge conservatives to become executives, talk about unhinged liberal college students, the need for racial reconciliation, and how Wendy's has lost it's soul since Dave Thomas' death.

Tracked back by: Planck's Constant with TT 23. Excerpt:Tomorrow the movie The Number 23 opens. In honor of that here are 13 things 23

Tracked back by: Planck's Constant with The Death of the Yellow Pages. Excerpt: Let me tell you a story. Back in 1971 my brother and I were in the vending machine business, our company was called Intervend...

Tracked back by: Soldiers' Angels New York with Ironman for Fisher House. Excerpt: Bill Rollins says he is not an athlete, but rather a father of three who got off of the sofa a year ago and started to enjoy the thrill of racing and living a healthier lifestyle. He is doing incredi..

Tracked back by: Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker with An Inconvenient Exaggeration. Excerpt: It amazes me what counts as a documentary these days. I do not begrudge Al Gore his Oscar. I do disagree completely with his premise. I just wish the film had been classified more appropriately as fiction, docudrama or fantasy.

Tracked back by: Mark My Words with A nearly perfect reply Excerpt: Sometimes complaining about the criticism directed at oneself can result in an apology and the individual reframing their disagreement

Tracked back by: The World According to Carl with Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time. EXCERPT: Video of the Day - Dr. John performs "Right Place, Wrong Time" fromthe 1973 New Orleans Jazz Fest.

Tracked back by: The World According to Carl with Chinese-American Poet Slams Rosie O'Donnell For Racist 'Ching-Chong' Remarks. EXCERPT: By now most people remember the embarrassing and disgraceful Rosie O'Donnell moment from last December when she badly feigned a Chinese accent on ABC's "The View" in response to an earlier appearance on the show by Danny DeVito. In response, a Chinese-American poet named Beau Sia created a
video which he posted at YouTube in which he addresses O'Donnell's defensive

Tracked back by:
Conservative Thoughts with Former ACLU president charged with child porn poss. Excerpt: a past president of Virginia’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter was arrested Friday and charged with receiving and possessing child pornography.

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