Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bob Basso is Thomas Paine (Videos): Thomas Paine Videos

America is waiting to hear what the Obama White House had to say about Bob Basso's newest portrayal of Thomas Paine. If the rumor is true, Mr. Basso was summoned to the White House to explain the "disturbing video." We don't know know for certain if Mr. Basso was called to the White House and, for certain we do know if the White House thinks Basso's videos are, indeed, disturbing. Stay tuned. The following is Basso's first video that took the country by storm, Basso's The Second American Revolution. The more recent: We the People Stimulus" can be viewed here. Both videos on this page made the page-load time too long.

Bob Basso as Thomas Paine: The Second Revolution (Video)
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