Saturday, March 28, 2009

Luton March Cancelled: Luton March Rescheduled

The March for England organization scheduled a planned peaceful demonstration for March 28th in Luton, England. The purpose of the march was to demonstrate against Muslim thugs who loudly "protested at a homecoming parade in Luton on March 11th for forces of the Royal Anglican Regiment returning from Iraq." See videos below.

Luton, England
The Home Secretary [similar to the U.S. Homeland Security] said the Muslim protest was not against the law, but it was clearly upsetting to the community. Much of the community believes that Luton is a front for al-Qaeda in Britain. So the community planned a peaceful protest against the radical Muslims who yelled obscenities at the returning soldiers (see first video below). They were not forbidden to march, but in the end, the march was canceled out of respect to authorities because authorities did not:
...want to inflame the situation when the town is doing well in returning to its usual state of harmony.
Those wanting to demonstrate against the Muslim thugs were called Right Wing Fascists by some city Fathers. One said they need to "have a look at their sad lives." You see other statements in the second video below. How would you feel if the same happened in your neighborhood? So while either Muslims or non-Muslims can gather to demonstrate, it is only the white and maybe blue eyed Brits that are called upon to keep the peace, no matter the cost. And liberty and freedom of speech slip through the cracks of a inept government. And Islam laughs up it's sleeve. Luton is located 32 miles north of London and has a population of about 230,000. The parade has been rescheduled for St. George's Day, April 23rd. Another gathering in Luton is scheduled for April 12th. Details are in the video. To learn more about what is happening in Luton, browse through Lionheart's blog. The first video below shows the angry Muslim response to the soldiers, and the second gives details of the parade cancellation.
Muslim Demonstration in Luton, England (Video)

Luton Demonstration Canceled (Video)

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