Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Justifying the Bybee Torture Memos?

Judge Scott Bybee wrote the "infamous" Bush administration 'torture' memos. While infamous, many of us believe these memos and the power they passed to the CIA kept America safe for many years after September 11, 2001.

Jay Bybee - Torture Memos
As most of you know, I also write for Right Pundits, a news site with a definite tilt to the right. Podcasting, a new feature at Right Pundits, has been introduced today. Right Pundit Bryan McAffee has interviewed his father, Constitutional law professor Professor Thomas McAffe, who is a good friend of Hon. Jay Bybee. Bryan's podcast of his interview with his father about "torture," and about Judge Bybee's part in these enhanced interrogation memos is very interesting. You'll note that Bryan says his father is "a big liberal," but he considers his father fairly moderate on this particular subject. At one point, Prof. McAffee says that he read the memos and they "were carefully and thoughtfully" written, and he notes that two of the most important and damning [my term] memos were written within one year of 9/11, at a time when more attacks were believed, and rightly so, to be on the horizon. Visit Right Pundits and read Bryan's introduction, then click the link for the podcast and the interview. No matter your views on enhanced interrogation, Right Pundits would love to have your opinions about this new venture.

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