Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cap and Trade Eight: Eight Republicans Sell Out to Environmentalists and Obama

A report out today explains why the Cap and Trade Eight Republicans defected to the Cap and Trade Bill and voted for it, even with heavy protests from voters at home. It's always about money. This time wasn't any different. Rush Limbaugh asks the questions that need to be asked:

Cap and TRADE. Trade. Who's gonna trade? Who's gonna monitor the trades? Who's going to do the trades? Who's gonna get the profit? Who's gonna get the fees? Who's going to get the commissions on the caps that are traded, the pollution credits and so forth? Wall Street! Goldman Sachs. And I speculated that these Republicans, particularly the Northeast Republicans, voted for this abomination because campaign cash from Wall Street firms weighed more than their constituents desire for the bill to not pass. Well, according to the Washington Examiner, Kevin Mooney: "House Republicans who received campaign donations from environmental groups helped make up the narrow margin of votes needed to send the Waxman-Markey 'cap and trade' bill over to the US Senate. The legislation passed by a vote of just 219 to 212 on Friday with critical assistance from eight Republicans," and we identify them again for you. "They are: Mary Bono Mack (Calif.), Mike Castle (Del.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Leonard Lance (NJ), Frank LoBiondo (NJ), John McHugh (NY), Dave Reichert (Wash.), Chris Smith (NJ). ... Political Action Committees (PACs) connected with the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, Ocean Champions and Republicans for Environmental Protection have made donations to most of these same eight Republican lawmakers in recent election cycles, according to OpenSecrets.Org. Rep. Kirk of Illinois, for instance, was among the top 20 recipients of PAC donations from environmental[ist wacko] groups in the 2008 election cycle."
This story details all of the contributions to all of these Republicans. So it wasn't Wall Street money. It's even worse. It's environmentalist wacko money. Republicans! Republicans taking environmentalist wacko money -- and those of you who live in the districts represented by these people, you have to know that the money donated to them mattered more to them (you know, paying back that donation) than voting your desires. And probably what they instinctively think about this bill anyway. Here are some more details about the cap-and-trade program. You know, home sales, by the way... As Obama would say, "Most economists from across the spectrum agree." That's how he does it. "Economists from a wide spectrum of thought all agree..." Home sales are critical for the recovery of the American economy, and the administration is saying this, and it's true. Home sales are critical. So why put these provisions in the cap-and-trade bill? Listen to this. "Homebuyers Beware. Trying to save up for a new home? You may have to save up a little longer for your purchase. The Democrats’ bill would dramatically increase new home costs by mandating California’s expensive new building codes for the entire nation. Immediately upon enactment, the Democrats’ bill would demand a 30 percent increase in energy efficiency for new construction. A couple of years later, the Democrats’ bill would require an additional 50 percent improvement. These numbers were chosen with no concern for cost to consumers or feasibility in implementation," and most people voting on it didn't even know these provisions were in the bill 'cause there was not a bill. So this is going to stifle the American economic recovery because it's going to stifle home sales. That's just one of two or three items I want to tell you about.
I'm not sure what more Rush wanted to tell us, but I'll mention this once again: Under the House Cap and Trade, all states...that's ALL STATES, will be forced to adopt California's zoning laws. So you will pay for earthquake proof construction whether you need it or not. Environmentalists in California are close to convincing the state Father's that certain colors need to be outlawed...like the color black...(what happens with asphalt)? There is already talk that black automobiles will be against the law in California. One of the most important things to remember is that almost every single Congressman, and maybe every Congressman, who voted for this legislation, had not read the legislation. I'm going to attempt to wade through the Bill and report back if my brain isn't fried. Graphic courtesy Michelle Malkin Related: California Zoning Laws Coming to your Neighborhood, In Any State EPA Silences, Suppresses Opposition: EPA Lies Warren Buffet Cap and Trade: Huge Tax and Regressive

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