Sunday, June 14, 2009

CBS Calls Ahmadinejad 'Iran's George W. Bush'

by Lonely Conservative

This is unbelievable, even for CBS News! I’m more appalled than when I read that Leon Panetta accused Dick Cheney of wanting America to be attacked. How sick. But this is even more outrageous.

CBS News republished a New Republic article titled Meet Iran’s George W. Bush about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Gateway Pundit has the following take:

Of course, CBS forgot the part about Bush liberating over 50,000,000 Muslims from two of the most violent regimes in history and bringing democracy to the Middle East. For some reason, that did not make it in their story.

This report was way out of line.

Now here’s the truth that won’t be reported. George W. Bush sent this message to the Iranian people this year: Here is G. W. Bush’s message to the Iranian people in 2008:

“We have great respect for the people, and we’ve got problems with the government. We have problems with the government because the government has been threatening, has made decisions that –and statements that — really have isolated the people of Iran.

“My message to the young in Iran is that someday your society will be free. And it will be a blessed time for you. My message to the women of Iran is that the women of America share your deep desire for children to grow up in a hopeful society and to live in peace.” Hat Tip Kevin Gregory

And here is President Obama’s 2009 message to the Iranian people, who are living (and dying) through the worst unrest in a decade:

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