Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lionheart Blamed for Luton Firebombing?

According to Lionheart's blog, The Daily Mail published an article that "suggested" that he [Lionheart] might be the firebomber of the Luton Islamic Centre in Bury Park Luton.

Lionheart - Paul Ray
If you've been following this story, you know that those in Luton, like Lionheart, who have been attempting to fight against their city being swallowed up by Islam have had some wary eyes cast toward them. The fact that Lionheart might be blamed for the Luton firebombing is almost a foregone conclusion, because Muslim forces in the area want rid of him and city fathers seem to bow to Islam. If you know anything about Lionheart and his journey, however, you know that he would never be involved in such an act.
This allegation was based upon crests and shields on my blog, and letters the Islamic centre supposedly received before the attack.
Now the Daily Mail has attached Lionheart's name to this event.
[Lionheart speaking] When Tim Stewart, the Daily Mail journalist, spoke to me on the phone about these letters and the link between the shields and crests on them and those on this blog, I said to him that if the Islamic centre had been sent the letters, and there was a direct link to my blog, then why have the police not pulled me in for questioning over it? To this he replied that he didnt know whether they had given the letters to the police or not. What would be the first thing you gave to the police after this type of attack? Considering the Daily Mail have printed my name over such a very serious crime, subtly linking me to the attack on a religious building based upon some supposed letters that they dont even know exist, or whether the the police have them or not, isnt it only fair that the authenticity of the letters in question was validated before printing the story, linking me to it, and then allowing millions of people to read it?
After Lionheart spoke to the Daily Mail by telephone and published his own post about the Daily Mail article, they pulled the story, but his name is now out there and this is a very dangerous situation for him and his family. Edwin Dyer, a U.K. citizen was just beheaded by al Qaeda in Africa. His crime? Returning home from a music festival. If you don't think what the Daily Mail has done to Lionheart is dangerous and irresponsible, then you MUST think again.
There should also be a criminal investigation over the Daily Mail article to get to the bottom of why the Daily Mail printed their story based upon them, and why I was personally linked to the the arson attack of a religious building in a national newspaper, with criminal charges brought against those who wrote the article. It is an extremly damaging article, that has very serious implications to me.
The post that Lionheart wrote in response to the Daily Mail - read it at Lionheart and spend some time in his archives to get the full flavor of what is going on in the U.K. Related: Luton Firebombing: Islam Grows in House of Commons

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