Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walmart Becomes Supermercado de Walmart?

An Oklahoma State University study determined that Hispanics spend more week on food than non-Hispanics. That was enough to motivate Wal Mart to name a new store in Phoenix, Supermercado de Wal Mart, which I believe translates into Super Market of Walmart.

Supermercado de Walmart - Spring, Texas
With Hispanics outspending non-Hispanics by about $37 a week (Hispanics $128.50, non-Hispanics $91.00 per week) The Phoenix venture is not the first. Spring, Texas a suburb of Houston has a Supermercado de Walmart, also, complete with dual language signage. MarketWatch, in the above linked article, says that Sam's Club is opening "Mas Club" sometime in 2009, "featuring outdoor shopping, fresh-made tortillas and an expanded assortment of imported products from Mexico...."

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