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Byrd Billings Children Names Copyrighted: Byrd Billings Copyright Scheme

In early 2000, Byrd Billings copyrighted all the names of his children. Once copyrighted, he apparently claimed copyright infringements any time the government used those names. The Pensacola News Journal describes this as "one unexplained blemish" on Billings' reputation and they refer to it as a "bizarre scheme." See latest update 8-10-09.

Byrd Billings

The documents, obtained from the Escambia County Clerk of Court and the Florida Department of Children and Families, reference "genocide acts," maritime law and "corporate fictions.'' He signed one purported affidavit "Byrd Billings, Agent, Attorney in Fact, With the Autograph, Non-Domestic."

DCF attorney Katie George said every time the agency addressed a letter to Billings that included his children's names, he would reply with an invoice demanding millions of dollars in copyright infringement.

Generally, he demanded silver coins or federal reserve notes of equal value. After nearly two years, Billings began addressing invoices to DCF employees at their homes, and a DCF lawyer sent Billings a sharply worded letter warning him that legal action against him was a possibility.

In the PNJ article, it only took the government sending a letter and using the name of a child for Billings to make monetary demands. The Billings (Melanie pictured above) reportedly received $1,000 monthly in child care aid from the government. I would have to assume that paperwork would fly between the government and the Billings referencing these children. "Bizarre" indeed. A final letter from legal Council to Byrd Billings in 2005 stopped the Billings demands. Ashley Markham, a Billings daughter, said her father had mentioned copyrighting the children's names but intended it only to protect their privacy. Update 8-10-09: Another arrest has been with possible links to the Billings' murders. Henry Cab Tice owned Byrd Billings $10,000 and Billings had filed a complaint against Tice in May 2008 for grand theft. See Henry Cab Tice is Byrd Billings Arrested Debtor: Tice Billings Mexican Mafia? Background and Related: Sheriff Morgan, Patrick Gonzalez Contract Murders: Local Business Rivals Implicated? Byrd "Bud" Billings Business: Mark Turner Bud Billings Connection Mark Turner Pete Moore Lawsuit: Bud Billings Pete Moore Connection Patrick Poff Gonzalez Whack Bud Billings? Gonzalez Implicates MS-13 Hugh Wiggins is Pamela Long Wiggins Husband: Hugh Wiggins is Patrick Poff Gonzalez Friend? Rakeem Florence is Teenager charged in Billings Murders Ashley Markham is Byrd, Melanie Billings Daughter: Billings Children Byrd Billings Human Trafficking? Kathryn Colbert is Billings Murder Tipster: Colbert Denied Reward Pamela Wiggins Bigamy Arrest: Pamela Long Wiggins Food Stamp Fraud? Pamela Long Wiggins Bail, Billings Murders: Pamela Wiggins Multiple Marriages? Pamela Long Wiggins is Arrested; Billings Safe Found? Pamela Laverne Long is Person of Interest in Byrd, Melanie Billings Murders Patrick Poff is Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Jr.: Leonard Patrick Gonzalez, Jr. Profile Leonard Patrick Gonzalez, Jr. is Byrd, Melanie Billings Murder Organizer Byrd Billings, Melanie Billings Murdered: Billings Parents of 16 Children Byrd Billings, Melanie Billings Murder Arrests: Three Arrests in Billings Murders (video) Byrd, Melanie Billings Murders: Fourth Arrest Made, New Details

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