Sunday, July 26, 2009

Honduras Thousands in the Street: Micheletti Supporters in the Streets

The political situation in Honduras is not difficult for most of us to understand, since the Honduran constitution is all over the web. Most Americans get it right, but not the politicians dreaming of their own empiric crowning. What the media is not telling us or showing us are that Hondurans by the thousands are in the streets, and they support Roberto Michelletti's constitutional succession. Video below. When Venezuela's Hugo Chavez seized power for as long as he wants it in May 2007, little was seen in the mainstream media of the protests against Chavez. You can see and read that sad story here and here. This is what Hondurans had to look forward to, but instead they got ahead of Zelaya and sent him packing. If you listen to the media, you would think the only protesters are Manuel Zelaya supporters hanging out on airport runways and the Nicaraguan border. That is a wrong impression. Watch the Pajamas Media video below. Links to Zelaya-Michelletti background below the video.

Honduras Thousands in the Street Video

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