Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Micheletti Still Denies Zelaya Entry: Zelaya Visits Hillary Instead

Ousted Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya will not attempt to land his plane inside Honudras again today, because the administration of Roberto Michelleti won't allow it. Instead, Zelaya will visit with U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in Washngton, D.C.

Roberto Micheletti
...he changed his mind after Honduras' interim authorities closed the airport and vowed to arrest him for violating the country's constitution in a desperate bid to remain in power.
Hanging out in a mall in Managua, Nicaragua yesterday, Zelaya will look for warm pablum from the U.S. government who unbelievably supports his socialist agenda in the country of Honduras who wants no part of it [except for the poor who received a minimum wage increase of 60%].
Some of his supporters reportedly are even considering smuggling Zelaya across the mountainous border area from Nicaragua. In recent years, Zelaya began peppering his speeches with fiery sentiments, casting himself as defender of the working class.
A little about Zelaya's background:
It was unlikely rhetoric [defending the working class] for the son of a wealthy rancher who was imprisoned and later pardoned for the 1975 massacre of six peasant activists accused of invading the family's land, as well as two priests - one from Wisconsin. Their bodies were pulled from a well in front of Zelaya's property
By the way, the "working class" in Honduras does not include business owners, who say that 150,000 jobs were lost due to the excessive minimum wage hike, which was far more than labor requests. Read what business thinks about Zelaya here. How does Zelaya live today?

Nearby is the sprawling Zelaya ranch, with burnt-orange columns and a Spanish tile roof. The driveway is lined with palm trees and a satellite television dish protrudes from the lawn. The front door opens to a stunning view of densely forested mountains.

A pair of Pekinese and a friendly golden retriever share the home with Zelaya's mother and the caretaker and his family. Soldiers guarded the property after the coup, though Zelaya's mother fled into hiding in Tegucigalpa.

To be fair, there are many reports from those who worked for the Zelaya family before he became president, including working for his father. They talk of a benevolent family who eventually donated parcels of land to workers. But...

Not everyone agrees.

"The family was always respected," Lazo said. "But all of the things he wanted to do with that referendum, it was like he was being pushed by something, pushed to the left."

Hillary has just returned from a visit to Honduras to meet with the Organization of American States (OAS), where no consensus was reached. Taxpayers paid for her jaunt there to meet with a group that wants to shore up (as my husband says) a "friggin'" dictator. I haven't heard a single word from the Obama administration about Zelaya attempting to assume control of oil terminals and reduce imports to one company in December 28. Zelaya and his real-time-friend, Hugo Chavez have quite a con going on.
Zelaya's detractors say he was influenced by Chavez, a self-proclaimed socialist who has given Honduras $300 million in financial aid since January and provides oil on credit. The Venezuelan president has formed a leftist bloc of nations fueled by petrodollars that he hopes can challenge Washington's regional influence. Honduras' formerly war-torn neighbors all elected leftist leaders recently - Guatemala and El Salvador for the first time in decades. All are Chavez allies. Chavez used referendums to win the right to seek re-election repeatedly. Many feared Zelaya was doing the same - and would then follow Chavez in weakening the courts and Congress and launching socialist takeovers of key businesses.
Roberto Micheletti said Zelaya was not ousted in a coup. He was ousted through a Constitutional Succession. Has the Obama taken any consideration of this claim? Background: Lugar Clinton: Explain Honduras Foreign Policy Please Honduras Thousands in the Street: Michelletti Supporters in the Streets Zelaya Returns: Zelaya Retreats Honduras Defending Constitution: Defending Democracy Honduras Threatened with Banishment from Organization of American States Zelaya Returns to Honduras: Micheletti Government to Block Zelaya Plane Micheletti Still Denies Zelaya Entry: Zelaya Visits Hillary Instead Honduras: Last Bastion of Democracy

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