Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joan Cunnane: Shopaholic Dies Under Purchases

Joan Cunnane was a shopaholic shopper who died underneath a pile of her purchases.

Joanne Cunnane Shopaholic
Ms. Cunnane, 77, a resident of Heaton Mersey, in Rosgill Close, Great Britain was found dead in her home on January 9, 2009. This is old news, but with new pathology findings. According to MailOnline back in January, "a mountain of suitcases fell on Cunnane, burying her alive." She was reported missing my neighbors earlier in the week. Reports are mixed on the cause of her death. This January report from MailOnline said she died of dehydration. A July 28th report in by the BBC says that an inquest result shows that Ms. Cunnane died as a result of bronchial pneumonia, and she also had cancer. The death was ruled "natural causes." Cunnane's friend, Roy Moran said he had lunch with her on Christmas Day 2008. Four days later he went to her home and found a side door ajar. He stepped inside and found the house stacked floor-to-ceiling with merchandise. He could not find Ms. Cunnane. He tried three more times without finding his friend. On January 6th the neighbors called police and they were unsuccessful in the search also. Police returned the next day with a truck and cleared out the house. That's when they found Ms. Cunnane in a bedroom "under a substantial pile of clothing and other items."
It took two days with two teams of six policemen putting the stuff from her house into the van. Now, they say they are going to put it all back.
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