Thursday, July 9, 2009

Levi Johnston Book: Shep Smith Excited about Levi Johnston Book

Yesterday, July 8th, 2009 Shep Smith was interviewing someone. Can't remember who. Sarah Palin was being discussed - I suppose her resignation was the topic, but I'm not sure. I wasn't paying much attention. Anyway, I heard Shep Smith say: Levi Johnston is writing a book. Then he said, that's one book I would read. And later in the conversation he repeated that he would be interested in Levi's book or would like to read the book.

Shep Smith
I've been thinking about that. Here's Shep Smith, one of the most popular news readers in America and he wants to read Levi Johnston's hit piece on Sarah Palin and her daughter - and likely on the entire family. Shep Smith's intellect fits nicely in a thimble. Why else would he be grinning about...practically giggling about, Levi Johnston's book. What is it that interests him in the Johnson-Palin story? Here are some things that perhaps Shepard Smith hopes to read: 1) Maybe Shep will read that Sarah and Todd allowed Levi and Bristol to sleep together in their home. Levi has already alluded to this - with no real confirmation, just saying enough to make you think it might be true. 2) Maybe Shep will read that Sarah and Todd Palin were not very gracious when told that Bristol Palin was pregnant with Levi's child. Maybe they used curse words. 3) Maybe he will read that the Palin's urged Bristol to have an abortion. Wouldn't that make Shep's day? 4) Maybe Levi will reveal that Bristol's brother, Trig, really is Bristol's child. Another day-maker for the absurd news reader. 5) Maybe Shep will read that Sarah is a hag around the house. Not only is she a hag, but maybe she's a nag, and wouldn't it be wonderful for Levi to tell us so. 6) Maybe Shep will read how Levi sat around the dinner table with the Palin's while they talked of the all the scams they were planning against the good people of Alaska. 7) Maybe Shep will read that one of the Palin's put their parents in a slovenly nursing home and then stole the parent's money. 8) Maybe Shep will read how the Palin's dump the sewage in the pristine lakes of Alaska. 9) Maybe Shep will read that the Palin's ceremoniously stomp on the U.S. flag in their backyard. 10) Maybe Shep will read that Sarah wears a hairpiece and has ice cream eating binge sessions. I could go on theorizing about Levi Johnston's book but I guess I'll just wait until Shep tells me all about it. If Levi wanted to tell us what we already know, then there would be no book. Publishers don't shell out the bucks for what we already know. A bit about the Johnston family is fair, I think. Bristol Palin will not let Levi Johnston take the baby, Tripp, home with him, and so for that reason, Levi is not paying child support. You see the issue is about Levi, not the baby. He hasn't grasped the concept that child support is to support the child. But why wouldn't Bristol let Tripp go to the Johnston homestead? Maybe because Levi's mother, Sherry, was arrested and charged in December 2008 for selling OxyContin, a prescription pain killer. In April 2009, she is still facing felony drug charges. She left Alaska to do The Tyra Banks Show and Larry King Live. To make the trip, Sherry Johnston applied for and received permission to leave the state for "important family business," which the prosecutor, Roman Kalytiak, says turned out to be not all that important. It wasn't a funeral or family illness. Her trial begins May 18th. Maybe Bristol doesn't want her son in the Johnston house. Levi Johnston is a high school drop-out and the handsome young man has Hollywood knocking on his door. According to his "new manager, Tank Jones," "he is getting closer to clinching a deal that will help him support the baby..." Oh and guess what? According to manager Jones, Levi and Bristol have made nice and Levi can now take Tripp out of the Palin home. No word whether that means to the Johnston home or just "out." In case there is any doubt of my motive, it is solely to bash Shepard Smith. Of course I do not believe that the Palin's have done any of the above, with the exception, possibly, of No. 2, because after all, they are human. Levi Johnston will go down in history as one smarmy father. His son, however, is likely to grow up to be a stellar citizen, taught by a mother who is accountable for her own actions. Shep Smith is a snake in the grass who, like a snake that had crawled up on a rock to warm his under-belly, was absolutely gleeful when he anticipated the Levi Johnston book. Like the late pitchman Billy Mays said: Life's a pitch, and then you sell. Levi is pitching. Shep is buying.

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