Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Arabs Discuss the Worth of the Arab Civilization

This is a conversation you are likely never to hear again. Two Arab men discuss the worth of the Arab civilization. Anwar Malek is the second man to speak. He is the Algerian author of "A Flood of Corruption and the Advance of bin Laden in Algeria. The book has been confiscated and disappeared from reality. His first mistake: using an Arab publisher. No...maybe his first mistake was not getting to safety before making the remarks you will hear in this video.

For just a taste of what's to come: The first interviewer says 73% of our viewers believe that Arabs constitute a great power and have the power to be influential, and so on. Malek responds that those viewers are afflicted with "fantasies and obsolete bravado." False and empty bravado. The Arabs invented or discovered the zero - but what did they do with it? Today the Arabs constitute nothing but thousands of zeros to the left....there is nothing to suggest that the Arabs can be relied upon to produce anything. It just gets better from there.

Thanks to Always On Watch who has some good commentary and additional sources.

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