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Arnold Klein is Bio Dad of Michael Jacksons Children? Michael Jackson had Lupus?

First there are reports that Michael Jackson's dermatologist, Arnold Klein, is the bio dad of his oldest two children, Prince I and Paris Katherine. Update - See Below BREAKING NEWS about Dr. Klein. See new update on Paris Jackson's paternity below.

Michael Jackson's Children
Dr. Klein, a professor of Medicine and Dermatology at UCLA Medical School, appeared with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, and says "as far as he knows," he is not the father of these two children. That's "as far as" he "knows." Reports attributed to "multiple sources" say this:
He is the dad, says a Jackson insider. He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth.
Dr. Arnold Klein is the long-time dermatologist who has cared for Michael Jackson and treated him for skin disorders and Lupus. He is also a long-time friend. The mother of Prince I and Paris, Debbie Rowe, was a nurse working in Dr. Klein's office when she first met Michael. From one of the first reports on June 30th, came this statement from Dr. Klein's attorney:
Dr. Klein is aware of media reports connecting him to Michael Jackson. Because of patient confidentiality Dr. Klein will make no statement on any reports or allegations.
In the meantime, Debbie Rowe's attorney responded to reports that she is not the biological mother of Prince I and Paris, but rather only a surrogate. Rowe says this report is false and extremely hurtful. In another report, Dr. Klein said that he has given Michael sedating drugs for medical procedures in the past but has never given him powerful drugs like Propofol (Diprivan).
I was not one of the doctors who participated in giving him overdoses of drugs or too much of anything," Dr. Arnold Klein said in an interview that aired Wednesday on ABC's "Good Morning America." ''In fact, I was the one who limited everything, who stopped everything.
Maybe the biggest surprise was Klein saying that he diagnosed Michael Jackson with Lupus years ago. Lupus is a serious auto-immune disease affecting organs, skin, joints, blood cells, heart and lungs. Klein said that while he has sedated Jackson in the past, it was for painful treatments to address Lupus and acne scarring.
I had to restructure a person's, individual, who had Lupus and who had terrible acne scarrings, face, rebuild the structure of a face. When you do this at times you have to sedate him with a very mild level of drugs - nothing like they are describing.
Dr. Klein said he not one of the five doctors of interest suspected in giving Jackson inappropriate and deadly treatment. Watch the video here. Klein said he saw Michael only three days before he died, and he saw nothing startling about his health:
He danced in my office, he said. He danced for my patients
Update August 1, 2009: On Geraldo's show tonight, there was breaking news. A conversation with Joe Jackson and other guests. A doctor made the comment that Dr. Arnold Klein addicted Michael in 1993 with injections of demerol, along with ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. Then he says that Klein began administering propofol to Michael in 1997, and taught Conrad Murray to do the same. See: Geraldo on Michael Jackson, and Jackson Handlers: Joe Jackson Speaks on Who is Responsible for Michael's Death
Michael Jackson (Video)
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