Monday, August 24, 2009

Annie Leibovitz Financial Ruin: Annie Leibovitz Woes

Uber-famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz took out a $24 million loan and secured it with her archival photography. She cannot pay back the loan and faces financial ruin, including the loss of her life's work. See video below.

Annie Leibovitz
I would not have given this much thought except this article attributes her flamboyant quest for perfectionism and especially her demand for "lavish sets," as the cause of her financial demise. The collateral art work is estimated to be worth $50 million. Her home in tony Greenwich Village may be at stake also. The article shows four famous photographs as examples of Leibovitz's style: (1) Queen Elizabeth in her own castle - no real cost there, the "lavish" comes with the Queen, Demi Moore pregnant and nude with a blank wall behind her, Miley Cyrus with a bare back and a sheet and a blank wall behind her and Miley and her Dad, Billy Ray, both in denim with...a blank wall behind them. It was good for a giggle.
Annie Leibovitz Video
Photo credit: Wiki Images Robert Scobie

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