Monday, August 24, 2009

Trent Franks Lawsuit: Trent Franks Obama Birth Certificate?

A report comes today that Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) is considering filing a lawsuit to force Barack Obama to make his long form birth certificate public.

Trent Franks

Glenn Thrush at Politico.com brings us this good news. Oops...wait, there's an update. Dang! Wouldn't you know? A spokesman for Franks says Franks considered this before the November 2008 elections but now believes the refusal of the courts to deal with the birth certificate issue previously, has rendered any further action "moot."

 All of you idiots out there wasting breath calling me a "birther," take note: when a conservative president comes along and there is no way to know whether or he or she is a natural born citizen, you will want it proven...that is unless you...being that you are a certified idiot, want Arnold or any other naturalized citizen...or no kind of citizen at all, to sit in the Oval Office.

 Listen folks, this is exactly what should happen, and Congress should have done it en masse when the question was first raised. What is it about Barack Obama that makes your brain turn to jelly. The Constitution says he must be natural born and the reasons for this are obvious. Bill O'Reilly hear this. You are one of the idiots.

If you believe that the Hawaiian government showed you a copy of Obama's long form birth certificate, you are wrong. Obama has not given permission to release it to anyone or show it to anyone, according to officials in Hawaii, and if he did, you would be on the bottom of the list. Drop the smug imperialism...please, it is extraordinarily annoying. I do not know whether President Obama is a natural born citizen, and neither does anyone else. I doubt that he is because he will not release the proof, and releasing a birth certificate is no big deal unless you do not have one. Congress should have dealt with this, as they did with John McCain's birth status. For all the non-birthers out there, do you have anything intelligent to say to this? Congress should have dealt with it - as they did John McCain. What say you?

What a shame that this country has these questions. If Barack Obama did not have this hanging over his head, he would be much better off. If our leaders...any one of them was doing his or her job, there would not be this chatter. To Rep. Franks: For gosh sakes do it! And see if you cannot get others in Congress to join you. Think about how Congress has allowed this to happen.

If you thought about it in the Summer and Fall of 2008 - nothing has changed except that the man now leads this country. Anyone denying that action must be taken, needs to give a good answer why. The problem for you is, you have no good answer. As I watched Marine veteran David Hedrick, speak at Rep. Brian Baird's Townhall, and voice so eloquently - in a way that Barack Obama could never match, I saw the spirit that made America great. I watched the conservatives cheer and applaud Mr. Hedrick, while the majority of the attendees sat still and silent in their seats, willing to let Baird call Hedrick and all of us like him, a "brown shirt," willing to be satisfied with their Congressman telling them he would "let them keep their health insurance."

What kind of ignorance does it take to keep your butt in the chair when your liberty is under assault from all directions? Others talking and wondering: ChicagoRay: Rep. Trent Franks Joins Demand for Eligibility Proof The Snooper Report: Obama Birth Certificate Fruitloop Ft. Hard Knox: Barack Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate at Coast Province General Hospital

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