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Carl Probyn is Jaycee Dugard Step-Father: Phillip Nancy Garrido is Jaycee Dugard Snatcher

Carl Probyn is Jaycee Dugard's stepfather. Phillip and Nancy Garrido snatched Jaycee DuGard on her way to a school bus stop when she was 11 years old, 18 years ago. Carl Probyn has spent the last 18 years under suspicion by the police and FBI. Many lives changed when Jaycee was taken by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. See video below. See updates below 8-29-09 8-30-09.

Jaycee Lee DuGard
Eighteen years later, the kidnapped Jaycee DuGard, now 29, returned to her family with 2 daughters, ages 15 and 11, fathered by Garrido. The youngest daughter is the same age as Jaycee when she was taken. Phillip Garrido and Nancy Garrido kept Jaycee as a sex slave in their backyard.
Jaycee Dugard - Phillip Garrido Home
Phillip Garrido, a convicted sex offender, and now under arrest again, along with his wife, is already telling his story to the television camera. KCRA3 gave this pervert, who is unfortunately not eligible for the death penalty, the opportunity to tell his story, and Garrido says it is a "heartwarming" story:
Phillip Garrido (photo)

In an interview with CBS13, Garrido on Thursday night urged people to wait for more details about the case to come out before making a judgment.

"What's kept me busy the last several years is I've completely turned my life around," he said.

"And you're going to find the most powerful story coming from the witness, the victim - you wait. If you take this a step at a time, you're going to fall over backwards and in the end, you're going to find the most powerful heartwarming story."

Jaycee Dugard
8-29-09: Phillip Garrido is being investigated in the murders of Antioch, California prostitutes dating back to the 1990's. Phillip Garrido and his wife pleased not guilty to 39 counts "including forcible abduction, rape and false imprisonment. Antioch residents told police that they had a "psychotic sex addict" in their neighborhood, and told authorities that Garrido was housing young girls in backyard tents. According to reports, the deputy went to the house but never though the front door and did not walk to the backyard. Probation officers came to the home, sometimes as often as three times a month to check on their released and paroled sexual predator from Nevada, but somehow did not know that children were on the property. Garrido was convicted in 1977 of kidnapping a 25-year-old woman from a parking lot in South Lake Tahoe, the same town Jaycee was taken from. Garrido ran a printing business out of his house and seems to have had long-time customers. One said he had met Jaycee inside the Garrido house. She was introduced as Alyssa, Garrido's daughter. Update 8-30-09: This interesting story at DailyMail has more photos. Found on the property was an 8' by 4' steel cage which "appeared unused." How easy it to clean a steel cage? Really easy, is the answer. Perhaps it was used many times in the past, until Garrido no longer felt it necessary - and perhaps the steel cage sat there as ominous threat. Update 8-30-09: News Conference 3:15 pm CDT 8-30-09: According to a police spokesman, a number of years ago, Phillip Garrido had access to the next door neighbor's property, which was vacant at that time and had nothing to do with the current occupant, Damon Robinson. Years ago, Garrido lived in a shed on the property now occupied by Mr. Robinson, and now being searched. Mr. Robinson is not a suspect or a person of interest in anyway in the Dugard-Garrido case. Mr. Robinson offered his property to the police for investigation. Perhaps police are looking for the bodies of the missing prostitutes. The spokesman confirmed that cadaver dogs are on the property. 9:05 pm CDT: Geraldo is on this minute. A neighbor of the Garrido's, Haydee Perry, is speaking. She has lived near Garrido for a couple of months. He came to her house to help her charge her car battery. Jaycee's 11 year old daughter accompanied her father (Phillip Garrido). The young girl told Ms. Perry that she had a sister, and they had some casual conversation about how she and her sister would fight every day but they always made up. Then she told Perry that she also had a 28 year old sister. If this is true, Jaycee's girls believed that Jaycee their mother, was their older sister. Haydee Perry said she saw the 11 year old more frequently thann the 15 year-year-old, and that the girl seemed to stare vacantly much of the time. Photo credit Nick Stern - Redthinkmedia.com for DailyMail

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