Sunday, September 6, 2009

City of David Jerusalem Ancient Wall: Miracle Wall Protects Water (Video)

An ancient 26 foot high rock wall has been unearthed in Jerusalem in the section known as The City of David. Believed to have been built 3700 years ago to protect a stream providing water to the city, an engineer in the video below says modern technology could not reproduce this wall today without the use of electricity. The towering structure is a miracle wall. The current discovery spans a length of 79 feet, but is thought to be much longer.

It appears to be part of a "protected, well-fortified passage that descents to the spring tower from some sort of fortress that stood at the top of the hill. "We are dealing with a gigantic fortification, from the standpoint of the structure's dimensions, the thickness of its walls and the size of the stones that were incorporated in its construction," the joint statement said.
It is believed that other "extremely large and well-preserved" structures are still buried and awaiting discovery. Jerusalem today uses the water that the ancient miracle wall was designed to protect.

Jerusalem Ancient Miracle Wall (video)

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