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Van Jones Smeared? Green Czar Van Jones Resigns (Video)

Van Jones has resigned under pressure as President Obama's "Green Jobs Czar." The key is resigning "under pressure." No one but FoxNews and blogs reported his racist past.

Van Jones - Green Czar

The photo above is from Mr. Jones Facebook page and identifies his wife, Jana and sons Mattai and Cabral. Jones said he is being smeared. Jones said "lies" are being used to distort and distract. I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "lies is." Jones appeared on tape promoting the idea that the U.S. government played a part in the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks. Excuse us if we take exception to him hanging around the White House thinking George Bush killed 3000 people that day.
In a resignation letter released by the White House early today, Mr Jones said he was the victim of a smear
Not only did he promote the "truther" agenda but he signed a petition, lending his name to the World Trade Towers conspiracy theories. Poor Mr. Jones. Calling Republicans "a**holes"- got a few of us hot under the collar - a mere nothing next to saying the U.S. government played a part in terrorizing New York City and the rest of the country. Mr. Jones, before his ascension to the White House, was president and founder of the nonprofit, Green For All. He is a self-avowed Communist and "rowdy black nationalist." Something about being a "black nationalist" doesn't ring right to me. We are not a nation of blacks. We are a nation of people. An ethnic nationalistic agenda has no place in America and certainly not in the White House.
Speaking to the East Bay Express, Jones said he first became radicalized in the wake of the 1992 Rodney King riots, during which time he was arrested.
"I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th," he said. "By August, I was a communist.
Given the opportunity to be the first ever Communist Czar of the Council on Environmental Quality, he believes, as you will see in the video below, there is no "racial justice" with so many white people "regulating" in this country: "white polluters and white environmentalists...steering poison into minority communities." Sad thing is, our president believes the same. The White House is all about Social Justice, which is simply "racial justice." There is not a word of criticism from President Obama about anything Van Jones has said. Wouldn't be, don't ya know, because Valerie Jarrett, the other side of the President's brain thinks Jones is brilliant. Ooops. This from Michelle Malkin who reports that Jarrett took credit for Jones' recruitment at an August 15, 2009 Daily Kos blogger conference:
JARRETT:. You guys know Van Jones? [Applause. Moderator injects: "This is his house apparently."]
JARRETT: Oooh. Van Jones, alright! So, Van Jones. We were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House. We were watching him, uh, really, he’s not that old, for as long as he’s been active out in Oakland. And all the creative ideas he has. And so now, we have captured that. And we have all that energy in the White House.
There was virtually no reporting from the mainstream media on Van Jones:
NewsBusters has noted how the story has been ignored by the television media. Byron York in the Washington Examiner Friday noted that a Nexis news search for the Van Jones ‘truther’ controversy turns up exactly zero results from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and transcripts from ABC World News, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Evening News (though that newscast aired a full story Friday night).
If you get your news from the MSM...doesn't it give you the creeps to know you are not entitled to know this man's past - however you may feel about it? For a man accustomed to glowing extollations of his magnanimity, Jones has to be in a state of shock:
Nov. 20, 2008 | If we had no idea who Van Jones was and he walked into the room, our hearts would still begin to flutter. If we were on a beach, and Van Jones came strolling up to us, clad in board shorts and carrying two big salty margaritas, we'd take a big gulp and desperately hope that we don't wake up from our dream anytime soon. Jones, 40, is hot. But he's also very cool
Mr. Jones and his newly created job of "Green Czar" may be very, very cool, but not "smeared."
Van Jones Resigns

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