Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fox Chicago 2016 Olympic: Take it to Rio: Chicagoans Anti-Olympics: Michelle and Oprah to Copenhagen?

After the Chicago Olympic Committee complained about negative 2016 Olympic articles, FOX-TV Chicago was ordered "not to run anti-Olympics" stories, and...the order came from their own FOX news director. The report aired once and then was quashed. My husband makes the point that we are not Venezuela yet. What is going on at FOX-TV Chicago? Is there a story there? Are there enough Chicagoans who do not want the Olympics in their city, to tell the rest of Chicago? What about being fair and balanced? See video below. See update 10-2-09.

Michelle Obama - Oprah Winfrey
Did you read this week that Michelle Obama and Oprah are taking on the 2016 Olympics for Chicago? The duo may travel to Copenhagen to make the pitch to the International Olympic Committee on behalf of the windy city. Did you know that some in Chicago do not want the 2016 Olympic in their city?
Take it to Rio
Update 10-2-09 on Rio's Olympic Bid win: Rio is Olympics 2016: Rio Carneval Home gets 2016 Olympics Chicago Not Olympic site in 2016: Chicago Knocked-Out and Obamas Sar Power Pales and Fails

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