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Mark Turner Needs Your Help: New Trial for Turner: Letter to Governor Crist

The following is a letter to be used as is, or adapted to your own thoughts, asking for a new trial for Mark Turner.

If you do not know about Mark Turner's wrongful arrest and conviction, you'll find links to the background at the bottom of this page.

Just copy and paste into your own document. We are asking that you please contact anyone you know who might help the Turner's.  

Governor Charlie Crist State of Florida
The Capitol 400 S. Monroe Street Tallahassee
FL 32399-0001

Dear Governor Crist: Subject: The wrongful arrest and conviction of Mark Turner Nationally, the focus on the murders of Byrd and Melanie Billings in Beulah, Florida brought to light the wrongful arrest and conviction of Mark Turner. Mark and his family are residents of Gulf Breeze.

Mr. Turner was in the same industry as Byrd Billings and knew him well. He believes the same man accused of killing the Billings, Patrick Gonzalez, Jr., also tried to kill him in December 2007. The important thing here is that through a web of powerful people, unsavory law enforcement, and prosecutors-gone-wild in Pensacola, criminal charges were brought against Mr. Turner on behalf of Peter Moore, and Pete Moore Chevrolet, by the State of Florida. Mr. Moore never claimed to be a victim of Turner, and never sued Turner. The charges were complicated. Much of the evidence was kept out of the trial through Motions of Limine. The main witnesses for Mr. Turner were kept out of the courtroom because of these motions.

Mr. Turner believes there was a motive, and that motive is the $36 million civil lawsuit Turner filed against Mr. Moore for theft of his Internet sales business about two years before criminal charges were filed against Mark Turner. Mr. Turner was convicted and is facing a possible 90 year sentence. He is awaiting his appeal which should begin within two months. Time is running out for him. He needs the help of those in power in Florida to grant him a new trial - at the least, a new trial is imperative, and he needs the help a good and attorney. This case is different than most because Mr. Turner has thousands of pages of documents up on his web site; all of the trial volumes, the depositions, the evidence and appeals documents. It is all there for you to see and examine.

Mr. Turner needs justice, and at this point, Florida has provided no justice for him. Needless to say, the years of this saga have been harsh and costly. At the least, he needs the help a good and honest attorney for his appeal. Someone must look into the corruption in Pensacola. The trail is not all that difficult to follow. Mark was offered plea deals twice to drop his lawsuit against Pete Moore. That's the bottom line. He refused because he is not guilty of anything.

Along with looking at Mr. Turner's own documents, here are some web URLs which have tried to cull down the details to show the incredibly dishonest attempt to ruin and imprison Mark Turner:

http://maggiesnotebook.blogspot.com/2009/08/mark-turner-framed-pensacolan-russ.html http://maggiesnotebook.blogspot.com/2009/08/mark-turner-pete-moore-russ-edgar.html http://maggiesnotebook.blogspot.com/2009/08/mark-turner-pensacola-autos-used-cars.html

You will find Mark Turner's documents here: http://www.markturnerandfriends.com/index.aspx

We hear that Florida is paradise. If you will read any of the three articles above, please also read the comments - many from people who confirm the mass corruption in Pensacola.

Thank you for anything you can do to help Mark Turner achieve a new trial.


(Marco Rubio, any other Florida U.S. Senate candidates, and anyone in the Florida Legislature would be good candidates for this letter)  

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