Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mark Turner Sleuths Needed: Help Mark Turner by Sleuthing

Hey everyone, regarding Mark Turner, I received the following today in an email. I'll tell you truthfully that I have not been able to look at a single link. I'm going to put this out there exactly as I received it. If you can help do some sleuthing, the Turner family will be so appreciative. If anything below makes sense to you, please tell me in comments or go directly to Mark Turner's website.

You'll find all of his contact information there. Here's the intriguing email, and to the sender, thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into this research. I did not make hyperlinks for fear they might break. Just paste any of the links into your browser and "hit" go. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. If you don't know about Mark Turner, his arrest and conviction in Pensacola, Florida, you'll find links and background information below.

Hi there- so many lies as to this twist of fate. just wanted to help you out....


I believe this is Pamela L Wiggins http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml.asp?ucase_id=66302352 http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml_search.asp?ulname=Billings&ufname=M&ucasetype2=&ucase=&ucit=&ufromdate=&daterange=0&ucasetype=&uagencynbr=&uagencytype=  

What is Melanie's last name anyways? http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml_search.asp?ulname=Long&ufname=P&ucasetype2=&ucase=&ucit=&ufromdate=&daterange=0&ucasetype=&uagencynbr=&uagencytype=
Pamela Long http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml_search.asp?ulname=Brock&ufname=M&ucasetype2=&ucase=&ucit=&ufromdate=&daterange=0&ucasetype=&uagencynbr=&uagencytype=  

Melanie Brock (10 years later she still doesn't know her last name,,, hmmmmm) http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml.asp?ucase_id=40140031
And Pamela Link http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml.asp?ucase_id=34007435  

Micheal Billings and child? he has been sued before http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml_search.asp?ulname=Billings&ufname=A&ucasetype2=&ucase=&ucit=&ufromdate=&daterange=0&ucasetype=&uagencynbr=&uagencytype=  

Ashely billings http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml.asp?ucase_id=72416109  

Melanie Brock, once again foreclosing on people  

Elma Brock F.K.A is Elma Ann Wiggins. 

Gotta love this one. http://www.escambiaclerk.com/xml/xml_search.asp?ulname=Billings&ufname=B&ucasetype2=&ucase=&ucit=&ufromdate=&daterange=0&ucasetype=&uagencynbr=&uagencytype=
Bud Aka Byrd Billings  

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