Friday, October 16, 2009

Curtis Holland is Bacon Boy: Wife Swap Bacon Boy is Chris Holland - Videos

Curtis Holland is known as the Bacon Boy. Curtis is a former child member of a Wife Swap segment, now known for his incredibly funny Bacon is Good for Me segment. See video below.

Bacon and pork are in the news today as some people believe pork products cause swine flu, and food-police continue to try to block our bacon. I know that bacon does not cause swine flu and, I want to keep my bacon.

The video below is the Bacon Boy interacting with his "swapped mother." Whether you believe bacon is good for you, or not, this young man's performance will put a smile on your face.

Curtis Holland - Bacon Boy, Bacon is Good for Me (video)

See a second video introducing you to Curtis' family, and their favorite things. 

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