Friday, October 16, 2009

Tony Dungy Rush Limbaugh: Tony Dungy Defends Rush Limbaugh

I was reading through some comments by Coach Tony Dungy made about Rush Limbaugh today. Dungy was interviewed on the Dan Patrick radio show this morning and defended Limbaugh's right to be a part of the process.

Tony Dungy

According to the audio at RushLimbaugh.com, Dungy said:
I don't like it when people say "because of this he shouldn't be allowed to do that." We don't have any minority ownership in the NFL right now, and I think, you know, that just strikes me as the same thing, because of the way this guy looks, because of the way he sounds, because of his political bent, that he shouldn't be allowed to own a team, I think that's something that the 28 owners should decide and not the general public.
I've been offline for a few days and haven't had the opportunity to look into the NFL's "minority ownership." I googled it and what popped up wasn't pretty:

 BigHollywood on Jennifer Lopez' minority ownership in the Miami Dolphins:
“And the game done chose me to bring pain to ni**as and pu**y holes, they one in the same.”I’m Real, co-written by Jennifer Lopez, minority owner of the Miami Dolphins.
Potty-mouth, Serena Williams, is a minority owner in the Dolphins,

She performed the song live at a game and has co-writer credit for this, divisive, racist, demeaning and vulgar rhetoric.

Black Eyed Peas' member Fergie, has been approved as a minority owner in the Dolphins. Fergie recently performed at the White House Easter Egg hunt.  Read the Easter Egg Hunt lyrics here at BigHollywood.

The rumors are still out there at George Soros is a part of the "Dave Checketts group." According to Rush, Checketts came to him and offered him a place in the group's bid. When I heard yesterday that Soros might be a partner in the Checkett's bid, the first thing that came to my mind was that, maybe, Rush was set-up.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush characterizes Coach Dungy's comment as "brilliant," - saying that he "puts it on the owners," but as Rush points out, "it didn't get to the owners,...." Disappointing to me is Dungy and others not taking the opportunity to explore this farther - the part that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton played in this and, and the minority ownerships like those above.

How about those disgusting lyrics? These people are making millions, sending out their hateful messages to teenagers, and Limbaugh can't express his opinion about a black quarterblack? I'm sure he has had plenty to say about white quarterbacks that were not on his list of favorites. If we're going to talk about this, let us talk about it.

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