Saturday, October 17, 2009

George H.W. Bush Keith Olbermann: George H.W. Bush Rachel Maddow: 41 Names Names

Honestly, isn't it about time George H. W. Bush named some names? He named Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman, and tagged them "sick puppies." I'm liking it. I wish he had added Bill Clinton to the litter. See video below.

Thanks to Lonely Conservative.

George H. W. Bush - Rachel Maddow - Keith Olberman (video)

I thought the teaming of the two past presidents, G.H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, to raise funds and awareness for very worthy philanthropic missions, like Hurricane Katrina, and the 2004 Tsunami, the embodiment of all that America is about, but 41 seemed so genuinely fond of 42 that it became nauseating after awhile. Clinton never really returned the affection or the compliments in full measure, and more than once publicly criticized the sitting president,  George W. Bush, who  always looked a bit like an intruder when the elders got together.  I wanted 41 to be friendly without being so chummy. It should be noted that 43 refused to utter a word of criticism about the Clintons.

Now that G. W. Bush is back home in Texas, he and Clinton, who G. W. says his mother treats as her son, are pairing up to take on national and international politics. Maybe 43 is filling-in because "Dad" can't get around so well these days - and of course, there is the money.  In May, former Presidents G. W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton took the stage in Toronto. In the meantime, this week in fact, Clinton's wife Hillary carries on the blame-game for her husband. In February 2010 the "Presidents" will speak at the TD Ameritrade national conference. Looks like this will be a regularly appearing duo.

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