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Juan Williams Ken Hutcherson: Juan Williams Warren Ballentine: House Negros and Rush Limbaugh

There are times I like Juan Williams, and times I'm shaking my finger (index finger), but in this interview, I feel his frustration and unbelief that racism has no avenue for civil discourse. Warren Ballentine, a radio talker Chicago-born and bred, ended an interview with  "you can go back to the porch now Juan." See video below.

Juan Williams

Although I heard the interview, I did 'catch it' - it was almost inaudible unless you are listening for it. Had I heard it, I wouldn't have known what it meant. Rev. Ken Hutcherson, a former NFL player,  says "go back to the porch,"  is the same as calling someone a house negro. Juan says it means an "Uncle Tom, house negro, lazy, a tool of slave owners.

Ken Hutcherson

 Ballentine's website says he has three hours of "thought radio," daily and he is "the People's Attorney."

Warren Ballentine

Rev. Hutcherson, "a close friend" of Rush Limbaugh, said Ballentine's statement is one of the most racist statements he has ever heard. Hutcherson points out his friend, Rush Limbaugh, was "lied upon," - or lied about. That's fairly simple. Someone was lied about, and skin color doesn't matter when your principles are grounded.

Juan Williams put it this way to Rev. Hutcherson: "God help you, God help me, we are the targets of attack for being less than faithful to all that has happened with to black people in America - and we are made out to be house slaves. " (A slight paraphrase.) I agree with Juan, God help us all.

Juan Williams - Ken Hutcherson (video)

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