Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Media falls for Chamber of Commerce climate hoax: No vetting in the press...either

Tweeted, Facebooked and blogged about, CNBC and Reuters reported a false story - a story designed to what? Affect our financial markets, or...? My husband first heard the report that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was now endorsing climate change legislation. A few curse words later, he settled down and we discussed how the Chamber of Commerce could possibly sell-out American businesses. Well, they didn't. Doesn't anyone vet anything anymore? See video below.

A few words on a memorandum, with a U.S. Chamber logo and contacts that do not exist - and that's all it took to get the astounding news on the so-called "news." I've looked for a similar FOX report. Can't find it, but then FOX doesn't report "news," do they?

We have a White House that does not "vet" and neither did Reuters or CNBC. Some reports say the Washington Post and the New York Times put the story on their websites before the truth was known. In fact, Reuters said they had an "obligation...to publish news and information that could move financial markets...." How embarrasing. Apparently no one tried to confirm the bogus memo and claims that should have raised some antenaes in any "real" news room.

The press release falsely quoted Donohue [Chamber president, who's name was mispelled on the memo [as saying : “We at the Chamber have tried to keep climate science from interfering with business. But without a stable climate, there will be no business. We need business more than we need relentlessly higher returns.” And the press release said that the Chamber is implementing an “immediate moratorium on lobbying and publicity work opposing climate legislation” – and suggested that high-profile defections from Apple, Nike PG&E and other companies played a role in the decision.
The memo's authors attempted to hold a press conference to make the big announcement - posing as Chamber officials. The imposters actually made it 20-minutes into the event before someone from the Chamber broke in and reportedly, screamed that the whole thing was a hoax. This from the GuardianUK:
The statement represented a complete repudiation of the Chamber's earlier opposition to climate change legislation. The hard line had triggered walk-outs from Apple and a handful of other high-profile companies in the past few weeks. The companies are trying to press the business organisation to support the bill by the senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer that is to be debated by the Senate next week.
Oh the ecstasy for Al Gore and the White House: Their greenies fooled the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, brought them to their knees with green science, and the Chamber caved. Could a Monday get any better?

Larry Kudlow wants to know if the White House had anything to do with this. A group known as the "Yes Men" are said to have taken credit for the spoof. Here's the kicker: The Yes Men are releasing a documentary next week. 

CNBC falls for Chamber of Commerce climate hoax (video)

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