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Morgan Dana Harrington is Virginia Tech Student Missing

Morgan Dana Harrington, a Virginia Tech student is missing after attending a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Area.  See 10-22-09 10-23-09 10-24-09 10-27-09 update below video. See new video below. Update 1-25-10: A body has been found, and the Harrington family believes it is likely their daughter, Morgan. If the skeletal remains are Ms. Harrington, they were found on farm in Charlottesville, Virginia. Source. Updates when available.

Morgan Dana Harrington

 Ms. Harrington is a junior at Virginia Tech and is 20 years old. She was last seen about 8:40 p.m. Saturday night, according to this report from WHSV.com, when she became separated from friends at the concert. She has long blond hair, blue eyes, weighs about 120 lbs. and is 5'6" tall. She was wearing a black T-shirt with "Pantera" scribed in "tan" lettering across the front, a black mini skirt, black tights and knee high black boots.

Harrington reportedly drove with another VT student to James Madison University to pick up a friend and then the three made their way to the concert in Charlottesville. Police are treating the case as a "missing person" investigation, but her parents say this is not typical behavior for Morgan.

Morgan Dana Harrington Photo

Morgan Dana Harrington's father, Dan Harrington, reported her missing about Sunday just after noon.

This message from the University of Virginia Police Department:
If you have seen Morgan Dana Harrington or have knowledge of her whereabouts contact the University of Virginia Police Department at 434-924-7166.
In August 2009, the bodies of two Virginia Tech students, David Lee Metzler and Heidi Lynn Childs, were found murdered in the Jefferson National Forest, about 15 miles from campus.

In January 2009, a Virginia Tech man, Zhu Haiyang, decapitated a female student, Yang Xin in a local cafe.

In April 2007, a Virginia Tech student, Seung-Hui Cho killed 25 students and 5 faculty in Norris Hall.

Morgan Dana Harrington Missing (video)

Morgan Dana Harrington's Parents' Press Conference (video)

Update 10-20-09, 10:20 a.m. CDT:
Police were just interviewed on FOX and confirmed that Ms. Harrington does not have identification or a cell phone with here. The anchor asked if it is true that Morgan's purse and cell phone were found outside the stadium, and the spokeperson declined to answer.

Update 10-21-09:
A  vigil will be held for Ms. Harrington tonight at 7:00 p.m. on the football field at Northside High School in Roakoke, VA: 6758 Northside High School Road, Roanoke, VA.

NEW number for the tip line: 434-352-3467 - Tipsters can call 24/7

Odd comment in the new video above. The officer says: "however, it is very unusual that we have not heard anything, either from her friends or family, about her whereabouts." Obviously, the police have heard from her family. I think he misspoke and intended to say that it is unusual that her family and friends have not heard from Dana.

Update 10-22-09:
I heard a television report this morning that I cannot verify in print. Someone connected to the investigation said that Morgan Dana Harrington, called her friends in side the stadium - said she left the venue and security would not let her back in. Later, a "passerby" found her purse, i.d. and cell phone "between the arena and an athletic field at the VT.

This report indicates that the missing person search has been called off and the investigation is a criminal investigation.

Later today an announcement about a reward for $50,000 is expected.

This from HelpFindMorganDanaHarrington:
Though one of “The Nine” — best friends since elementary school — is still missing, Morgan Dana Harrington’s friends say they are doing everything they can to alert people of her disappearance and bring her home.
Update 10-23-09:
Fox News reports comments from Harrington's college roomante, Amy Melvin:
Melvin, told The Roanoke Times that her friend walked out of the stadium before Metallica appeared on stage, but she didn't know why. Rader said Harrington then called her friends to let them know she wouldn't be coming back, and disappeared sometime after 9:30 p.m.
Morgan is a pretty transparent kid, who's had a really close relationship with us," her father, Dan Harrington, said in a phone interview Tuesday with The Associated Press. "I don't think there are lots of secrets, so this kind of behavior of (her) missing is not something I think we would expect.
His daughter doesn't have a boyfriend, he said, and he couldn't think of anyone who'd want to hurt her.

Update 10-24-09 3:20 p.m. CDT:
A motel in Charlottesville, VA was shut down yesterday as police acted on a tip the Morgan Dana Harrington had been seen at the motel. At this time, there has been no further information on the result of the investigation. The FBI has joined the search for Morgan.

Update 10-27-09:
Police give this account of the last time someone matching Morgan's description was seen in the area of the Paul Jones Arena: 9:20 - 9:30 PM:
The person matching Morgan's description was seen on the Copely Road Bridge near Ivy Road. The last spotting of Morgan Harrington was at 9:30 PM near the intersection of Copeley Rd. and Ivy Rd.

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