Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roberto Micheletti Nephew: Roberto Micheletti Enzo Micheletti: Micheletti Nephew Assassinated Video

Honduran interim President Roberto Micheletti's nephew, Enzo Micheletti, been found murdered. The Honduran press reports an assassination.

According to Honduras News, 24-year-old Enzo has been identified by family members. Another body was also found with the nephew, but has not yet been identified.

Enzo apparently was last seen on Friday the 23rd of October. He was the son of President Micheletti's deceased brother, Antonio Micheletti.

Roberto Micheletti

While this report says Enzo was "shot to death executionary-style" they also say there is no indication that the murder is related to Roberto Micheletti's controversial presidency.
The young man's body was found Sunday in the woods in the northern city of Choloma, police said. He had bullet wounds to his head and chest and his hands were tied behind his back.
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