Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Valerie Jarrett Campbell Brown: Valerie Jarrett Calls for Truth to Power: Obama is Truth Decider

CNN's Campbell Brown interviewed Valerie Jarrett this week. Jarrett said the Obama administration just wants the truth to get to the people. Just as George W. Bush was the "decider-in-chief," so will Barack Obama decide what is truthful and what is not. See video below.

Valerie Jarrett - Barack Obama

Valerie Jarrett, known as the other-side of Barack Obama's brain, told CNN's Campbell Brown that FOX News "distorts the truth,"  "is biased," lies about health care reform.

Brown asked if Jarrett also believes MSNBC is biased, and Jarrett would not answer the question. Brown calls her on it twice. Toward the end of the video, Jarrett made the claim that people should be able to "reach their own judgments," yet she says we are short on time and the administration will "cut through the nonsense," and speak "truth to power." On your behalf and mine, this administration will be the decider about what information is available to us, as we our make "judgements."

Thanks to I Hate the Media for the video.

Valerie Jarrett - CNN Campbell Brown (video)

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