Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maggie's Notebook Technorati Top 100 Politics: Maggie's Notebook Technorati Top 100 World Politics

Many bloggers have watched Technorati undergo changes that left us wondering what the heck was going on. Recently, as I've watched my ranking, it appeared that the site had their new algorithm worked out - whatever that means.

Maggie's Notebook Technorati Top 100 Politics Ranking and Authority

 Last night, I noticed that two new badges had been added to my profile at Technorati: Top 100 U.S. Politics, and Top 100 World Politics. That was unbelievable...and I didn't believe it applied to Maggie's Notebook so I shutdown business and went to bed.

This morning, the badges were still there and my Technorati Authority shows at 636 at this moment. So what did the badges mean? I found their individual list of Top 100 Politics, both U.S. and World, and indeed, Maggie's Notebook is there.

Under U.S. Politics, I rank 88 with an authority of 689.

Under Politics/World Politics I rank 48 with an authority of 721.

Under Politics, U.S. and World combined, I rank 114 with an authority of 682.

So, I just wanted to share this with readers and friends, and thank you for your participation. Things move quickly on the Internet, so where I will be tomorrow, I don't know, but for today, it is gratifying. Many "thank yous" to my great contributors who share their work at Maggie's Notebook. See a list of those bloggers and authors in my left-hand sidebar.

Updates - my own private little log keeping:
11-08-09: Top 100 U.S. Politics 93, authority 684
11-08-09: Top 100 World Politics 47, authority 728
11-08-09: Politics US and World combined 130, authority 678

11-10-09: Top 100 U.S. Politics 80, authority 710
11-10-09: Top 100 World Politics 47 authority 742
11-10-09: Politics US and World combined 95, authority 705

11-14-09: Top U.S. Politics 82, authority 707
11-14-09: Top 100 World Politics 42, authority 751
11-14-09: Top 100 Politics US and World combined 100, authority 702

11-16-09 Top U.S. Politics 80, authority 710
11-16-09 Top 100 World Politics 41, authority 750
11-16-09 Top 100 US and World combined 101, authority 704

An article about how the new Technorati ranking is determined.

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