Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Right Reading Roundup 1-4-09 at Maggie's Notebook

Always on Watch has a very interesting video on the Battle of Tours between the Christian Franks and the Muslim Moors in 732 AD. Watch how this war was fought and won against the Religion of Peace - because the battle had to be fought, and the battle had to be won - there was no other choice.

Sultan Knish on Mayor Bloomberg, unlimited wealth, and the "treasure chest of taxes and revenues that the political vultures base their careers on..."

Stop the ACLU has an beautiful story of courage in Support of Project Valour. A love story about two Marines, Corporal Aaron Mankin and Lance Corporal Diana Kavanek - both deployed in Iraq. A story of life and survival after an IED explosion:

Then, my girlfriend Diana’s face popped into my head. I was thinking, These are my last thoughts. She is my last thought. And I focused on her face, because if I was going to die in war, I wanted to die with the thought of something worth fighting for, something worth dying for.
Dr. Thomas Sowell on Dismantling America. Sowell talks about Czars and the long arm of this radical administration. Thanks to neighbor, Patsy, for this one.
Barack Obama has not only said that he is out to “change the United States of America,” the people he has been associated with for years have expressed in words and deeds their hostility to the values, the principles, and the people of this country.
National Review Online's Michael Graham looks at the lessons of NY-23 in northeastern New England, where he says:
It’s hard to describe to outsiders the hopelessness that potential Republican candidates feel living in a place like Massachusetts.
Gateway Pundit has the video of Barack Obama's half-brother's story of an "absent, abusive and wife beater" father - the father the two brother's shared.

The Other McCain writes his first-hand account of a visit to Doug Hoffman's headquarters. Hoffman's race was emotional for all conservatives. This gives the feel and flavor of what it was like to be Doug Hoffman, or to be among his staff on election night.

ChicagoRay on "Elementary Hitler Youth Epidemic: 11 Uncovered Indoctrination Videos Show School Children Praising to Obama." Information we need to know and do something about it.

Stanford at Blog@MoreWhat has a review of Obama's rookie year,  and one stand-out is a Rasmussen poll showing that 27% of voters think Hillary would be doing a better job as president, but 49% say she would be performing about the same. Stanfords equates that to about 70% believing Hillary would be doing "as well or better" than Barack Obama.

Holger Awakens has a story that...well, here's the lead-in:
The mental imagery of this is just too much! It's hysterical! Picture this...four islamic jihadis in Kashmir are on the run...they decide to hide out in a cave and chant their 'allahu ackbars' over a nice little campfire...the owner of the cave, a Himalayan black bear comes home...isn't too excited about the jihadis turning his cave into a mosque...mauls and kills two of the jihadis while the other two finally get their wits together and escape. hahahaha!
The Black Sphere is talking about the Tarnishing of Obama's Luster:
If the recent fundraiser for Massachusetts’s Governor Deval Patrick is any indicator, Obama’s luster may be wearing off. The event was nowhere near a sellout, and word on the street is that operatives were pimping tickets up to the very last minute of the event. Worse yet, they weren’t finding any takers.
Truth and Consequences - Sjourn's to the Heartland: Read about Jim Simpson's trip to Tyler, Texas to speak to Grassroots America - We the People. This northeasterner has some observations about being deep in the heart of Texas.

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