Sunday, November 22, 2009

Missouri Billboard Treasonous? Missouri Billboard Guide to Citizens Revolution

This photo of a billboard, supposedly somewhere in Missouri, is making it's way around the Internet. See video below?

More interesting than the billboard are comments on Leftist sites. One mentions our "phony bible," and a statement about the Weather Underground actually having values. One commenter asked if "threatening" the US Government is actually "acceptable" in advertising. Another says it is "conservative economic philosophy" that "deliberately" causes huge deficits to force a cut in social programs. Yet another completely delusional commenter cautions "morons and rednecks" that our Military is sworn to protect the Constitution from all enemies, even domestic enemies, and "hint...hint" the Military will not side with the "morons and rednecks."

I found a video from the Young Turks, asking if this is treason? What say you?

Is this Missouri Billboard treasonous? (video)

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