Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nidal Hasan Not Shot by a Lowly Woman? Nidal Hasan Shot by Mark Todd?

Nidal Hasan did not end up in paradise with his 72 virgins, and curses, until today all the world thought he was shot by a petite little pony-tailed female police officer. Not a good thing for a martyr-wannabe.

Sgt. Mark Todd

For a Muslim man of Hasan's mindset - really, really terrible to be shot by a woman.
The witness, who asked not to be identified, said Major Hasan wheeled on Sergeant Munley as she rounded the corner of a building and shot her, putting her on the ground. Then Major Hasan turned his back on her and started putting another magazine into his semiautomatic pistol.

It was at that moment that Senior Sgt. Mark Todd, a veteran police officer, rounded another corner of the building, found Major Hasan fumbling with his weapon and shot him.
The Military doesn't want to talk about who shot who, and Chuck Medley, the Director of Emergency Services, is not available for questions. Medley is believed to be the person who gave the first report of how Hasan was brought down.

On Friday, the day after the Fort Hood shooting, Mr. Medley said Sergeant Munley had encountered Major Hasan, pistol in hand, chasing down a bleeding soldier. It was 1:27 p.m. She fired at him, he turned, they rushed at each other firing and both fell, Mr. Medley said.
“He turned and charged her rapidly firing, and she did what she was trained to do,” Mr. Medley said that day. He added, “She is absolutely a hero.”
Munley is certainly a hero. Sgt. Todd is definitely a hero. Too bad things happen this way - for everyone.

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