Monday, November 30, 2009

Team Pindar Iranian Hostage: Iran Snags Five Brits: Dave Bloomer Iranian Hostage: Oil Smith Iranian Hostage

Five British sailors from The Team Pindar vessel are being held hostage by Iran. The story is, their racing yacht may have strayed into hostile Iranian waters. Two of the crew members names have been released at this time: allegedly held are Dave Bloomer and Oil Smith.

Team Pindar

Dave Bloomer

The yacht, owned by Sail Bahrain and crewed by five British sailors was captured on November 25th. Team Pindar was on their way to the Dubai-Muscat Offshore Sailing Race. The yacht, dubbed the Kingdom of Bahrain - fully equipped with a satellite tracker, should have arrived in Dubai on November 26th for the vessel's first offshore race.

Bahrain - Iran - Dubai

Iran announced ten new nuclear enrichment facilities to be built in the near future. The country is also holding three young Americans in the terrifying Evin Prison in Tehran. The three supposedly strayed across a border separating Iraq and Iran last summer. Now we have five Brits held hostage, bringing back memories of the March 2007 Royal Marines who were captured and held by Iran for twelve days - again for straying into Iranian waters. Since the Kingdom of Bahrain is owned by Muslims, perhaps this British crew will have a bit more luck than the Americans.

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