Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods Domestic Violence Warrant

If your wife takes a golf club to your car and, maybe even to you personally, but you praise her for her courageous actions in saving your life - and you have no intention of filing charges against her, can police actually search your home and demand your medical records in the hopes of charging someone with domestic violence? It appears this is what is happening in Florida to Tiger and Elin Woods. Update 12-02-09 - Tiger's Transgressions - 3 Years Unfaithful?  - see below. Oops - another unbelievable update below 12-03-09.

Tiger and Elin Woods

I have been a real Tiger fan, but if the rumors of an affair are true, I'll have to move on. I have a real problem with his penchant to chuck a club in a fit of angernow and then. Philandering will kill my admiration of his competitive spirit and, usually, brilliant play. Golfers are a cut above. Low-lifes have no place in prime-time golf.

Nevertheless, unless Tiger wants to file charges, or unless Elin plans to file against Tiger, what business do the police have issuing search warrants?

Update 12-02-09 

See Tiger's Transgressions - 3 Years Unfaithful here

Update 12-03-09:
TMZ is on Greta's On the Record: About Rachel Uchitel, TMZ says that Elin Woods actually spoke on the phone with Rache Uchitel after she grabbed the phone out of Tiger's hand, just before Tiger strode out of the house and wrecked the Escalade. According to TMZ, there is damage inside the Woods "vestibule."

TMZ says that Tiger and Rachel Uchitel talked on the telephone last night - Wednesday December 2nd.

Also saying that other women are coming out of the woodwork - and who knows if their stories are true.

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