Sunday, December 27, 2009

U.S. Airways Flt 192 Middle Eastern Men Disrupt Flight from Orlando to Phoenix

U.S. Airways Flight 192 experienced two Middle Eastern men talking loudly to each other with one leaving his seat during while the seat belt sign was still on. Passengers thought their behavior strange and the flight crew called for TSA officials and police to meet the plane's arrival. The men were questioned and released and allowed to travel on to California.
Update: Another thought is former CIA, Michael Schueur's warning that an event, just like this one, may be used to "clog" the intelligence pipeline. See links to that discussion below.

Friends, we are hostages to this behavior. These men knew what they were doing. U.S. Airways probably has another lawsuit coming their way. Passengers were undoubtedly unnerved. I would like to know if these two jerks are American citizens. All Middle Easterners that are not U.S. citizens should not be allowed to fly inside the U.S. Oh yes, we can do it. We just need the will to make it happen.

Clogging the Intelligence Pipeline

Is this what America is facing? Will there be lawsuits filed against numerous airlines for taking disruptive Muslims off of flights? As Larwyn (with some of my thoughts woven in) says: "Pregnant/and/or/Pious Females in Burkas...Religious Conferences couched as vacations, transgendered Arabs looking for a way to 72 virgins through their underpants...is this the new normal?
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