Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yahoo News: Patronizing Black People?

The elites treat us all as if we were children – or even worse, just a headline away from incitement to racial violence. I was reading another Associated Press article slamming the state of Israel for defending itself from the death culture brewing in the Palestinian territories when I noticed in the right sidebar a comment link to an article about the Nigerian terrorist who tried to blow up an airliner full of innocents on Christmas day:

Now why would Yahoo News decide not to spell out the word ‘nigerian’ in the title of the article? One thinks instantly that they couldn’t bring themselves to string together the letters that comes perilously close to sounding out the ‘N’ word: n-i-g-e-r, since doing so might open them up to charges by the unschooled or the race hustling of racial insensitivity or deep-seeded racial animus. Of course we all know that the term they’re alluding to is Nigerian. But is it? The noun is not capitalized, and assuming that the temp they have working on their site has a rudimentary grasp of grammar, this must be on purpose, no? What gives?

We may never know how deep the cowardice of our main stream media goes, but one thing is for sure: if the laws of political correctness begin where the uneducated are offended by words a letter shy of outrage, then Americans will never get around to having that national conversation on race, and the nation of Nigeria will remain a mystery to every American student (and a huge segment of the adult population).


Maybe Eric Holder was right.

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