Friday, January 8, 2010

Air Tran Emergency Landing F-16s Escort Flight Down: Unruly Drunk Passenger on Air Tran?

Breaking news. An Air Tran Flight 39 made an emergency landing in Colorado Springs with F-16s escorting the landing. Early reports say a drunk and unruly passenger, who would not come out of the toilet, was the problem. The flight from Atlanta, bound for San Francisco, was followed by two F-16s. Now why would F-16s scramble for a drunk and unruly passenger? More as available.

Unruly Drunk? Removed from Flight

According to the Denver Post: 
Two F-16s under the direction of the Colorado Springs-based North American Aerospace Defense Command were scrambled today after the pilot of an AirTran flight from Atlanta to San Francisco reported an unruly passenger on board.
According to NORAD, the fighters out of Tyndall Air Force Base Florida were launched at 11:44 a.m. to escort the flight.

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