Friday, January 8, 2010

Taliban Siraj Haqqani Rape Murder Tape Secreted to Brad Thor

Best-selling author Brad Thor has had some heavy-duty film come his way, secreted to him by an Afghan imam who speaks in the video. The short story is that Siraj Haqqani, his physician and his uncle are involved in the smut and murder of his own people - all in the name of providing medical care to villagers. Here's a pullout quote from Brad: (see update 2-12-10 below)

Here’s how the Haqqani’s horror films “art” movies are put together. Siraj extorts encourages poor Muslim families to do the “right” thing according to Islam and push their sons into jihad. As their magnanimous benefactor, he then sends Ron Jeremy, Dr. Hassan Duraz into their villages to provide medical care. Duraz sets up clinics and the villagers pour in, often in desperate need of medical attention. As the “good” doctor treats them, he keeps his eyes peeled for the cute ones; the ones with that "something special" that the camera will absolutely love
You must read this story at The Jawa Report. You'll read Thor's details of what is going on and see the video, but steel yourself, of the abduction, rape, filming and murder of local women.

An imam calls them out it. How long will he live? This  is breaking news and I suspect Thor went out on a tenuous limb for this story. It should shake things up in the Muslim world. Then pass the link on to your liberal friends. They need to know - especially feminists. Ladies, start speaking out about the deadly plight of Muslim women and children. If you have an ounce of decency, you will start talking now.

Update 2-12-10:
See the latest update on the videos and the fate of Siraj Haqqani

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