Saturday, January 9, 2010

America Rising Hillbuzz: YouTube Attacking the America Voice

HillBuzz, a website by Hillary supporters, has sent an open video letter to Democrats. Read the comments  - these people are unhappy!

HillBuzz has had to fight YouTube's continual take-down of the video, and when it was up, YouTube locked the counter at times. Since January 5th, it appears YouTube lost the battle. Message to YouTube, I love your service...I appreciate your service...what would we do without you...but get a grip. We have Liberals and Conservatives in this country. Don't try to shut Conservatives down. It makes you petty and small, and unAmerican.

The person who submitted this video to YouTube, or at least one of them, glzgreen, said he/she did not create the video, but had to turn comments off because of the personal attacks on him/her. That's when you know you've hit a nerve with the Left. They accused the poster of being racist, and apparently left death threats. Go here to subscribe to gizgreen's videos. This is gizgreen's plan:

I am not trying to pick on Democrats. I am picking on politicians. I plan on exposing lies they get caught up in. We need to start holding all accountable for thier actions.
This is an extremely well-done video and I think it expresses the opinions of many, many Democrats and Independents. Great Saturday morning viewing.

America Rising (video)

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