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California Faculty Association Political Activism: Union Oppression on College Campus

Blogger Gary Fouse is an adjunct teacher at UC-Irvine. If you have visited his blog at fousesquawk you know that he regularly keeps us informed on the unbelievably astounding antics of academia. Gary is known for ringing the bell on the Muslim influence on the campus of UC-Irvine, and keeps a keen eye on Islam around the world. In this article, he highlights the forcing of faculty and staff to contribute to political causes they find "highly objectional."

"Whaddaya mean youse don't support the Palestinians?"

One of Gary's latest articles is on the political activism of the California Faculty Association. He has granted permission to reprint it. Friends, these are things we need to know.

Gary Fouse

I am posting an article on American Thinker by my colleague, Leila Beckwith, Professor Emeritus at UCLA, on the political abuses being carried out by the California Faculty Association, which includes compulsory dues by non-union teachers and the use of funds to promote political causes-like the Palestinian cause and the anti-Israel cause. I have had the pleasure of meeting Professor Beckwith. She is one of the saner voices to be found at UCLA. I have also passed on this article to the Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation for their information.  Read Prof. Beckwith's American Thinker article here.

State employee unions are one of the main causes that have brought California to the point of bankruptcy. This article is also well-timed when you consider that the Democrats in Congress are presently attempting to pass "Card-Check" legislation that would make it increasingly difficult for workers to avoid union coercion and union membership. Never mind. Our present government is doing every thing in its power to increase the numbers and power of unions.

In this case, I first think it is outrageous that if a worker chooses not to join a union, they still have to have wages deducted to go to said union. It is even more outrageous that unions involve themselves in political and international affairs, using members dues to promote political causes that members may not agree with.

In addition, would someone please explain to me why a teachers union in California needs something called a Peace and Justice committee? What's that all about? And what does the Israel/Palestinian conflict have to do with California teachers?

As professor Beckwith explains, the CFA simply creates such a committee and appoints people with the appropriate (leftist) point of view. So they appoint this professor of Latin American history (Liberation Theology, no less)as its head, one Manzar Faroohar, who is, naturally, an activist against the Israeli state.

So there you are all you teachers in the California State University system who are members of the CFA or have to pay dues anyway. This is where your money goes. If you are Jewish and/or support the Israeli state's right to exist and defend itself from terrorists, you are paying to support the other side. What does all that have to do with improving education-in a state where education is a national disgrace at the secondary level and is vastly overrated at the university level because of the dominance of left-wing loons in the professorships? Nothing.

Fortunately for me, as an adjunct teacher at UC-Irvine, I don't have to join any union or pay them one dime. The day that changes, I am gone. I have never belonged to a union in my life, and I intend to keep that record intact to the end. I just hope that those employees who are impacted by this disgrace read Professor Beckwith's article, know their rights, and act upon them.

Peace and Justice my....backside.

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