Sunday, January 3, 2010

Conservative Bloggers Getting Geeky?

My friend and blog-gal-pal Jenn Sierra at Fort Hard Knox is an SEO expert. She has helped me immensely at times when I knew something was wrong with my blog, but did not know how to ferret-out the problem. I'm learning that Conservative bloggers need to "get geeky" to win the battle waged by Liberals.

 Jenn Sierra helps Conservative Bloggers Get Geeky

These days, my troubles revolve around extended page load time. She has taught me how to lessen that time, and if I had listened to her sage advice months ago, my Google Page Rank might still be intact at 5/10 or maybe even 6/10.

There is nothing to do about that now, but try to understand why my Page Rank and the Page Rank of numerous other good bloggers has also been lowered, while traffic remained at a high, and then try to fix it.

To that end, I was reading some of Jenn's posts and found some very interesting information on Google Caffeine and Page Rank. As I was browsing, I came across another link to three articles written in March 2009. I read them early-on and promptly forgot them. My bad.

The Fort Knox group has some great thoughts about how to get our blogs indexed on the front page of Google, because as we know, seldom do we or anyone else, go beyond the first search page.

In a three-part article titled Why Conservatives Need to Geek-Up, Jenn points out that Liberal news and viewpoints have a distinct advantage over a Conservative viewpoint, and she proves her point by offering four search words that clearly prove that the progressive agenda is indexed first. As often as I am on a Google search page, I had not noticed!

She also makes the point that because we tend to be more liberal when we are young and more "stable" over the age 35, and because the twenty-somethings have grown up with a computer in their bedroom, or their backpack, and now on their iPhone, they are extremely tech-savvy and have grown into young adulthood as activists understanding the process of getting their political message read by the audience they want to read it.

The bottom line is, if we cannot get our message out to a wide audience, then the message gets lost. We have elections coming this year, and every blogger I know is working devotedly to defeat this thieving, prevaricating, unConstitutional 111th Congress.

You might find a revelation at Fort Hard Knox. Appropriately, Jenn writes for Web 2.0 Warriors - because, hey, we are in the battle of lives, and our battlefield is our blog template. The following are links that I found particularly interesting:

Why Conservatives Need to Geek-Up

Bloggers: What changes are you making due to Google Caffeine?

What's my REAL Download Speed?

Slow Download Speed = Lower Google Page Rank

On each of these pages, you'll find links to other helpful information. We're all in this together with a monumental mountain to climb.

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